Did you know that your dental benefits don’t roll over from year to year? Once you reach the end of the calendar year, your annual dental benefits disappear for good, whether or not you’ve used them.

If you’ve visited the dentist for one tooth cleaning this year, that doesn’t mean you get three teeth cleanings next year! Instead, that free cleaning you skipped goes away at the end of the year & you never get it back!

Another example of your insurance benefits is your annual maximum, meaning the maximum amount your dental insurance company will pay for your dental care each year. Annual maximums vary greatly, but say your plan’s maximum is $2,500. If you’ve only used $500 of that $2,500 by the end of the year, the remaining $2,000 disappears & you never get to use it. Essentially, you’re leaving money on the table!


For example, imagine we told you that you need a dental implant, but you haven’t completed the treatment yet. If you continue to put off getting a dental implant until the beginning of next year, you’ll be throwing away your remaining annual maximum for this year & using up next year’s benefits early instead. That means if you need any other treatment next year, you will have already used up your annual maximum & will have to pay out-of-pocket for it. Using up this year’s insurance maximum could save you money next year by ensuring you don’t hit your maximum too early!


So, if you have dental treatment recommendations from us that you haven’t completed yet, call us as soon as possible so we can schedule your visit before the end-of-year rush. We’d be happy to help you check to see if you’ve hit your annual maximum yet & help you make the most of the remaining money on your insurance plan.