Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Dr. Luque is a facial trauma expert. He has performed countless facial reconstructive surgeries in the aftermath of accidents, falls, automobile crashes and violence. Both at home in San Francisco and in his service abroad, Dr. Luque finds his work in facial trauma reconstruction to be a defining element of his practice.

Some of the main types of facial injuries are lacerations, fractured teeth, fractured jaws, fractured facial bones, knocked out teeth and intraoral lacerations.

No facial injury should be taken lightly. Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons for repairing damage to the face, there are also a number of serious oral & maxillofacial health concerns that can arise from even a small amount of trauma. Depending on the exact location of the injury, respiration, speech, chewing and swallowing can be greatly impaired. If teeth become misaligned, this can lead to TMJ, uneven teeth wear and other complications.

Dr. Luque performs facial emergency surgery at the hospitals where he is on staff (California Pacific Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente). He typically handles follow up procedures for facial trauma at the Center.