What you can do to prepare


Things to Know Before Surgery

Can I eat anything before my procedure?

Don’t eat anything for the six hours preceding your visit.

Can I smoke?

Don’t smoke for 12 hours before your procedure.

Can someone drop me off and pick me up afterward?

We need a responsible adult to be present at the Center during your procedure, and to drive you home.

What should I wear?

Wear loose fitting clothes. We’ll need to be able to roll up your sleeves past the elbow for any intravenous medication. Also, wear comfortable shoes. You don’t want to have to worry about balancing on high heels after surgery.

Can I wear my contact lenses?

Please wear eye glasses if you have them. Contacts and glasses will need to be removed before surgery.

I haven’t been feeling too well and my procedure is tomorrow. What should I do?

Please call us! Tell us about your symptoms, and about any over-the-counter or prescription medications you might be taking for your illness. It is important to be healthy prior to surgery, and this will help you recover faster.

I take a number of medications regularly for other health conditions. Does that matter?

Yes. Please talk to us about all medications you take for any health conditions as these medications may have an impact on the anesthesia options and we may need to work with you and your other health care providers to modify your medications during surgery and recovery.

I have questions about what to do after surgery.

No problem. Click here for things to know following your procedure. And remember that you can call and talk to us with any questions or concerns at (415) 285-0526.